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Posted by Xellon at 6 February 2012

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Added additional replays to the site. I’ll be taking a break from exhibitions for a bit as they are very time consuming. Recording replays is just a matter of playing the game while recording, cutting out the useless parts, then encode it while I do whatever I want. But making an exhibition requires me to go to training mode, practice on characters that I may not be familiar with, record until I get the combo right, add transitions, cut out the parts where I messed up, making sure the outside frame won’t be there, and then encoding it. This process takes a good while.


Anyway, do subscribe to my Youtube channel, like us on facebook, twitter, or any of your favorite social networks. Thanks. Also as for the ranked matches, I will only hold them if the site gets some traffic worth hosting one. So to do that, do share this site to your friends.

Posted by Xellon at 18 January 2012

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Ginjirou Ibushi Guardian Heroes


Character Description: Ginjirou Ibushi is physically weak. Ginjirou is probably the second weakest character out of all the heroes on Guardian Heroes but don’t let that stop you from using him. He is the most versatile character on the game. His speed is top notch, his ability to reach anyone with his ninja stars is outstanding, he has the longest air time, and he has a large list of moves and useful spells. Because of his high combos, he gains mana back faster then anyone. His spells aren’t the strongest, but they are useful for dealing minor damage and giving you the edge in battle. His magic defense is also slightly better then characters with medium mentality.

Elements: Thunderguard

Max HP: 2720

Fireball Recovery Speed: Fast

Strength: Low

Vitality: Average

Intelligence: Average

Mentality: Medium-High

Agility: High

Luck: Average


Guardian Heroes Character Moves | Guardian Heroes Character Move List

Please view the Glossary to learn what the button inputs mean.


Ibushi Mirage Sword | 22+Q,M (ground) - Uppercuts into the air while doing a large number of hits. This move has a high hit ratio and hardly any starting animation.

Ibushi Human Top | 26+Q,M (ground) – Ginjirou spins with his arms out horizontally and his knee outward. Once this move is started, it is almost impossible to break though it. You can follow up with a combo with the Q button using the Sky Dance.

Ibushi Shadowless Dash | 6666 (ground) - Ginjrou will disappear and dash though anything at high speeds.

Ibushi Sky Dance | 28+Q,M (ground) – Super jump, then jumps 3 more times afterwards.

Ibushi Ambush Spin | 26+Q,M (Air) - rapidly rolls though the air hitting anyone that makes contact. A Good offensive and Defensive move.

Ibushi Shadowless Kick | 22+Q (air) – A drop kick. Can follow up with a combo.

Ibushi Thunderclap Kick | 22+M (air) - Charges, then launches downward surrounded by lightning. This move is not very effective and it leaves you open. Be careful when using this.



Fireblight | 26+S (ground | cost 20 mana)- Launches 7 fireballs max. The amount he throws out depends on intelligence. Genjirou has a fast fireball recovery rate. You can use these in succession for a combo.

Lightning Palm | 426+S (ground | cost 30 mana) - Releases lightning in a snake like motion. Due to the number of hits it does, its not very effective for wasting damage (unless your opponent has Thunderfrail) but it will force anyone to counter quickly.

Thunder blight | 28+S (ground | cost 50 mana) - Drops bolts of lightning across the level. Accuracy is poor from a distance and it doesn’t waste very much, but you can hit anyone in any lane. Recovery time is terrible so be careful.

Lightning Shift | 22+S (ground | Cost 40 mana) - Invincible once started. A raging lightning attack that rips though everything. Takes a decent amount of time to recover after the move is done, but when used right, you can’t get hit after its done. Its not as powerful as a beam or a tornado, but it does a almost guaranteed good amount of damage as it does over 60 hits almost in an instant, making it hard to counter in time.


Some Combos For Ginjirou





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